Technology Opportunities

SHM’s annual conferences use the latest technology to interact with attendees. Capitalize on HM19’s technology opportunities to expand your message and brand.

HM19 at Hand App


Give your brand maximum exposure. Sponsorship of the HM19 at Hand meeting app will provide high exposure as your brand will be the first thing attendees see when they launch the HM19 mobile app.
Last year alone, the HM18 at Hand app had a total of 3,850 registered users and 880,000 banner impressions, making the at Hand App one of the best opportunities for exposure of your brand.

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Your sponsorship will provide FREE Wi-Fi access to HM19 attendees! A landing page ad customized with your company logo will be seen every time an attendee accesses the Wi-Fi Internet. When attendees are prompted for a log in page, this will bring all attendees YOUR website! This premium sponsorship opportunity at HM19 provides maximum exposure, as thousands of attendees will view your company name, logo and/or product/service.

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Social Circle


Reach more hospital medicine professionals through the Social Circle sponsorship. In our lounge developed for social media interaction and live streaming education sessions, your company will be exposed to the most socially engaged grouping of our attendees.

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Tech Squad


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to have SHM staff from our National Office wear a T-shirt with your company logo on it while providing attendees with technical support on-site.

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Charging Stations

$15,000 (includes 2)

Attendees will undoubtedly need to utilize these charging stations for their phones and laptops during the long days. Your company name and logo will be visible while attendees plug in.

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