The goal of the SHM Shark Tank is to provide a venue for investigators to obtain targeted feedback from their peers and senior hospital medicine research leaders on their innovative projects in a highly visible, dynamic forum while competing for one-on-one, in-person consultation from a shark and complimentary registration to HM21.


Submission requirements

  • Open to SHM members only
  • Should be focused on a project related to a research, quality improvement or medical
    education topic critical to the practice of hospital medicine
  • Should be well-developed ideas (see submission components below), but should not have
    already been started/implemented outside of a feasibility pilot

Selection committee judging criteria

  • Significance of the problem being addressed
  • Innovation of the proposed approach/solution
  • Short- and long-term impact of the proposed approach/solution
  • Planned implementation
  • Team organization and membership, i.e. who’s on your team!
  • Creativity of presentation

Session details

The 3 highest rated projects will be chosen for presentation at the SHM Annual Conference Shark Tank Session. In this “Shark Tank-style” forum, selected finalists will present a succinct 5-minute “pitch” of their project idea to 3 sharks, comprised of senior research leaders within hospital medicine. Pitches are limited to 6 slides (excluding the title slide). The pitches should be creative, interactive, and showcase any products (complete or incomplete) if applicable.

Pitches will be followed by 7 minutes of moderated questions and feedback from the sharks. While the sharks deliberate, there will be time allotted for audience participation. Sharks will then have the opportunity to “bid” on projects, offering up to 2 hours of project consultation. Sharks may arrange for additional consultation/mentorship on an individual basis. In the case of multiple “bids,” presenters will choose the shark that most closely aligns with their project and/or desired input/feedback. The sharks will also select one winner, who will receive complimentary registration to HM21.

Submission components

  1. Applicant name and home institution
  2. Project title
  3. Collaborators’ names and home institutions
  4. Project proposal content (limited to 400 words with up to 2 optional tables or figures):
    1. Background/significance/innovation
      1. State the problem you are trying to address.
      2. Why is it important to hospital medicine?
      3. What is innovative?
    2. Specific aims
    3. Preliminary data (if any)
      1. Include any prior data that led to the conception of this project.
    4. Plans for funding or moving the idea forward
      1. State if you have already considered any plans for funding.
    5. Specific aims

Session judging criteria

  • Innovation
  • Quality of the idea and the proposed plan
  • Defined need for mentorship
  • Potential impact on hospital medicine
  • Presentation delivery and creativity
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