Promotional Opportunities

Strategically place your company or product logo where thousands of Hospitalists will see it. Take advantage of these guaranteed impressions to supplement your presence at HM19.

Exhibit Hall Big Banner

Size 25’w x 20’h

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Banner in Potomac

Size 15’w x 5’h

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Exhibit Hall Aisle Carpet Clings (13 total)


Clings are placed at the beginning of each aisle in the front of the Exhibit Hall. Aisle carpet clings are a great visual for those entering the Exhibit Hall looking to start a particular aisle. Pair carpet clings with the aisle banners for extra company exposure.

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Atrium East Lamp Posts

$20,000 (20 total)- SOLD

Size – 19”w x 60”h

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Escalator Clings – SOLD

$15,000 (10 Clings)

Sizes Vary

Exhibit Hall Aisle Banners (13 total) – SOLD


Size – 5’w x 10’h

Your sponsorship of the Exhibit Hall Aisle Banners will provide the highest visibility of your company name, logo and/or product or service. This is a highly-desired sponsorship item – reserve before it is gone!

Exhibit Hall Sign Covers – SOLD


Size – 23”w x 61.125’h x 1”d

Pens – SOLD


Place your company name/logo on the official HM19 pens. With this unique opportunity, your branded pen will be placed in more than 4,000 attendees’ Tote Bags for use throughout the meeting and beyond.

Tote Bags – SOLD


Have your company name and logo at every attendee’s side as they carry their official HM19 tote bag from room to room. Your brand visibility will endure as attendees bring their tote bags home for use in the office and hospital. Take advantage of this enduring sponsorship and premium item!



Every HM19 attendee is given a notebook inside their Tote Bags to take notes, collect business cards, hold receipts, etc. Your ad will be on the inside back flap or back cover, offering you great exposure to all attendees.

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Lanyards – SOLD


Reinforce your company’s support by literally “hanging around” every attendee’s neck during the meeting. Attendees can’t enter sessions or the Exhibit Hall without wearing their badge, so you have guaranteed exposure!

Fellows Lounge


HM19 is planning for the highest attendance by SHM Fellows in the history of the program. We are anticipating more than 600 Fellows and Senior Fellows! The Fellows designation is a differentiator for hospitalists who demonstrate superior leadership skills as well as a focus on QI initiatives within their institutions. Supporting the program by hosting the exclusive Fellows Lounge is an opportunity to meet leaders in the profession, and to demonstrate your company’s commitment to seeking out the best in the field! This sponsorship includes a relaxing atmosphere with private coffee breaks and a step and repeat banner with your logo and the HM19 logo. Our attendees are sure to be red carpet ready!

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Water Bottles – SOLD


Quench the thirst of all attendees while they refill their water bottle with your company logo on it. This item is sure to be a hit with all of the attendees this year at HM19!

National Harbor Conference Room Staircase

Price TBD

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